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Welcome to Min's Tube Audio Lab! I custom build tube power amps and preamps. My goal is to provide quality products that hold on their own against more expensive tube gears that are commercially available. Tube Audio Lab amps are treasured by many worldwide for their sonic excellence, fidelity, quality, and reliability backed by personal customer service. If you’re visiting just to get a glimpse of what custom made amps are all about, please take time to check out my portfolio and feedback. If you are interested in having any of these amps made for you, please feel free to contact me. I can also build amps using your favorite schematics (have to be tried and tested). Thank you and happy listening! ~Min



Latest News 


3/20/2019- John's Korneff 45 SET stereo amplifier complete


12/23/2018- Tieu Ly's WE91A-300B monoblock amplifiers completed 


10/27/2018- Jay's JEL FF preamp completed


09/20/2018- Eric's JEL Phono preamp completed 


08/01/2018- Will's JEL Linestage completed


05/28/2018- Dave Million's WE91A-300B kit completed


05/28/2018- JE Labs FF Preamp completed


08/15/2017- JE Labs linestage completed


02/16/2017- 1626 Darling SET power and headphone stereo amp completed 


01/24/2017- WE91A-300B monoblocks completed 


10/23/2016 JE Labs Standalone Line Stage Preamplifier completed 


07/30/16 Western Electric 91A-2A3 Stereo SET amp for sale


07/29/16 Bill's WE91A-300B Monoblocks Clone completed


05/14/16 Patrick's WE91A-2A3 Stereo Clone completed


04/05/16- Mohamed's WE91A-2A3 Stereo Clone completed


02/18/16- Seth's WE91A-300B Stereo Clone completed 


09/29/15- Kurt's Korneff 45 Stereo Clone completed 


09/27/15- Darry's Korneff 45 Stereo Clone completed


08/15/15- Paul's JEL Line Stage Preamp completed 


05/01/15- Paul's WE91A-300B Integrated Stereo completed 


04/10/15- TAL 2A3 SET Stereo completed 


04/02/15- JE Labs 300Bdx Monoblocks completed 


02/28/15- JE Labs Line Stage Preamp completed


01/23/15- JE Labs Full Function Preamp completed


12/23/14- Korneff 45 Stereo Clone completed 


12/20/14- JE Labs SE 45DX stereo completed 


11/08/14- JE Labs Full Function Preamp completed


10/03/14- JE Labs 2A3 Deluxe Stereo completed


09/15/14- Western Electric 300B Model 91A Stereo Clone completed


08/20/14- Western Electric 300B Model 91A Clone completed


07/07/14- Lindsayt's Korneff 45 SET stereo completed 


02/28/14- Claude V's WE91A-300B monoblocks completed 


02/24/14- Peter Schwartzman's Korneff 45 Clone with HP out completed


02/07/14- Fred Cassidy's 300B IT-coupled SET Stereo completed


01/30/14- WE91A-2A3 Stereo completed


01/19/14- TAL FF Preamp with 7193s/6J5s completed


01/14/14- 6B4G IT-coupled PP stereo completed


12/03/13- WE91A-300B monoblocks completed


11/06/13- John's Korneff 45 Stereo Clone completed


11/06/13- Kenny's TAL VT-25/10Y Stereo completed


10/25/13- TAL VT-25/10Y SET Stereo completed


10/03/13- Lanny's WE91A-2A3 SET Stereo completed


09/25/13- Adam's TAL 2A3 Single Ended Triode Stereo completed


09/23/13- Alan's TAL 807 Single Ended Stereo completed


09/05/13- New TAL Full Function Preamp now on sale


08/31/13- DIY amp kits are back with lower prices, now offering with drilled, punched, and cut chassis, ready to mount. Purchase them here.


08/31/13- New WE91A-2A3/45 stereo now on sale


05/24/13- Michael Osoffsky's WE91A-2A3 Stereo completed


04/09/13- Kevin Deuchle's Momo Preamp completed


03/15/13- Sean Roberts' WE91A-300B Stereo completed 


03/04/13- Charles Chan's WE91A-45 Stereo completed.  


02/02/13- Tim Butler's WE91A-300B stereo completed. Check out the YouTube video of this amp in action.


12/14/12-  Kevin's WE91A-300B monoblock completed


11/29/12- TAL FF preamp completed 


10/29/12- Integrated Korneff 45 Stereo SET Amp completed 


10/10/12- Bill Anderson's Korneff 45 Stereo SET Amp completed


09/14/12-  Larry Weinstein's WE91A-2A3 Stereo SET Amp completed


08/13/12- Gary Ralph's Sun Audio SV-2A3 Stereo SET Amp Refurbish completed 


07/25/12- Mike's WE91-300B Sterel Clone completed


07/13/12- Korneff 45 SET Stereo Clone completed 


07/14/12- JE Labs FF preamp completed


05/17/12- Eiclone KT88 Stereo Amp completed 


02/05/12- Jose's WE91A-300B Clone completed 


02/01/12- Nikhil's 6B4G PP Stereo Amp completed 


01/20/12- Manu's TAL Simple Line Stage completed


01/05/12- John's Korneff 45 clone completd


01/03/12- Bob's WE91A-2A3 Stereo completed 


12/14/11- Bill's JE Labs 300B Deluxe SET monoblocks completed 


12/10/11- Manu's JEL Simple 45/2A3 Stereo completed 


11/27/11- Not related tubes, but still old and interesting. Check out my new ride here.


11/02/11- Dixon Chen's 20B One Tube Amp (OTA) completed 


10/29/11- Kenny Kim's 1626 Darling SET stereo completed

10/20/11- Bill Anderson's JE Labs linestage preamp with remote control completed

08/26/11- Bill Anderson's Loftin-White 2A3 SET stereo completed 

08/01/11- Steve Hom's Loftin-White 2A3 SET monoblocks completed 

07/10/11- Bill's Korneff 45 Stereo Clone completed 

06/02/11- Cort's Korneff 45 Stereo Clone completed 

04/25/11- Brice Pauset's WE91A-300B monoblocks completed

03/10/11- Fixed Bias WE91A-300B Stereo amp completed

02/28/11- Jim Frank's TAL Line Stage completed 

02/09/11- Oleg's 20B SET amp completed 

01/15/11- Gary's JEL FF preamp completed

12/27/10- TAL Pentode SET Stereo Amp completed

12/18/10- Ed' TAL 2A3dx Stereo completed

12/13/10- Imtiaz Chhatriwala's TAL line stage preamp completed

12/13/10-  Shaharyar Khan's Korneff 45 rebuild project completed

12/13/10- Steve Hom's Loftin White 2A3 amp completed

11/26/10- JEL Hi-Fi EL-34 SET amp completed

10/24/10- Chuck Myers' JEL Linestage completed

10/08/10- TAL KT-120 PP amp completed

08/29/10- Dan's JEL FF pre completed

08/29/10- Richard's Stadalone JEL linestage completed

08/10/10- Ted's JEL FF pre completed

08/10/10- Paul's SRPP45 completed

08/05/10- David Speed's JEL Standalone Linestage completed

07/20/10- Tony Petrakis' WE91A-300B clone monoblocks completed

07/19/10- Paul Folbrecht's JEL FF preamp completed

07/08/10- Frederick Ma's JEL 45/2A3dx Stereo completed

06/09/10- Frank Hagenbuch's JEL300Bdx Rebuild completed

06/04/10- Scott Matthews' WE91A-300B stereo clone completed

06/04/10- Dylan O'Connor's tube bufferer standalone JEL phono preamp completed

05/18/10- Mike Stewart's SRPP 45 completed

05/15/10- My job list for May-June

05/12/10- Check out Mark Felder's work on his WE91A-2A3 kit!

05/10/10- Mark Dinshaw's FEL FF Preamp completed

05/02/10- Peter Wang's JEL FF Preamp completed

04/24/10- Bill's WE91A-300B monoblocks completed

04/23/10- Bob's WE91A-2A3 Stereo completed

04/20/10- TAL Cantata 300B Stereo completed

03/21/10- Andy's TAL Model 91A (WE91A-300B) monoblocks completed

03/11/10- Now offering kits for JEL amps and WE91A amps. See here.

03/10/10- JEL SRPP 45 SET stereo amp completed

03/01/10- Scott's with built-in step-up transformers completed

02/20/10- Bob's One OTA (one tube per channel amplifier) using the EML 20B tubes completed

01/21/10- Dixon's Super WE91A-300B Stereo clone completed

01/29/10- Alan's JEL FF preamp with Angela PIO caps completed

01/22/10- Min's WE91A-2A3 Stereo clone completed

01/21/10- Bob's Emission Labs 20B One Output Tube SE DHT amp in progress

02/03/10- Dixon Chen's WE91A-300B Stereo with WE310A Driver

01/07/10- Fred's JEL Standalone Linestage completed

12/15/09- Kevin's JEL Phono Preamp completed

12/08/09- Check out my current projects for Dec 09 here.

10/10/09- Kenny's WE91A-300B Stereo SET amp completed

10/05/09- Dixon's JE Labs standalone line stage preamp completed

09/09/09- Vince's JE Labs Simple 45 Stereo SET amp completed

09/07/09- Jim Frank's WE91A-2A3 Stereo completed 

09/03/09- Scott Matthew's JE Labs 2A3 Deluxe Stereo completed

08/13/09- Pilot SP-210 Refurb completed 

07/13/09- Klipsch La Scala Restoration project completed

07/04/09- Scott's WE91A Monoblocks with Sophia Electric OPTs completed

06/24/09- Mike's JEL Full Function Preamp completed

06/18/09- Mike's 1626 Darling SET amp completed

06/12/09- Check out my latest projects here. 

05/18/09- Heathkit W-5M restoration project completed 

04/26/09- Mike's WE91A-2A3 monoblocks completed

04/22/09- Paul Folbrecht's JEL FF preamp completed

04/07/09- The mystery project in progress 

02/26/09- TAL 300B Deluxe Stereo amp completed 

02/16/09- Check out Paul Folbrecht's review of my WE91A monoblocks on Audio Asylum

02/16/09- Jouni S' WE91A stereo completed, check out my review of the Sophia Electric's OPTs.

01/25/09- John Grisham's WE91A stereo completed

01/19/09- Check out my other hobbies under "Other Interests" on the navigation bar on the left (some links are still under construction). 

01/14/09- David Speed's WE91A stereo completed

01/08/09- Todd's WE91A stereo completed

12/17/08- WE91A 300B monoblocks with Hashimoto OPTs  completed 

12/04/08- WE91A 2A3-6C6 with One Electron OPTs completed 

12/01/08- Check out what Min's building for December here. 

11/07/08- Stereo Western Electric Model 91 (WE91A) with 6C6 driving 2A3 Completed  

10/16/08- Tube Audio Lab (aka my garage) has moved to a new location in Esparto, CA by Capay Valley.

10/10/08- Handwired DIYTUBE's ST-70 schematic. Check it out here.

10/01/08- JE Labs Line and Phono Stage completed.

9/12/08- JE Labs 300B deluxe monoblocks completed.

9/3/08 - JE Labs Phono Preamp completed. Check it out here.

8/18/08 - WE91A Monoblocks completed. 

7/30/08 - JE Labs 2a3dx completed.

7/10/08 - JE Labs 2a3dx completed.